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Well, I had often wondered what womens underwear felt like, so I went through my moms drawers and found a sexy pair of thong panties and matching bra.I put them on, and the thong felt so good against my skin. I went and got on the computer to find some good porn to jack off too.Again, all that could come out of my mouth was "ok."I pulled the sheets off of me, exposing my hard cock to my mom, but the entire time I couldn't take my eyes off her beautiful pussy.It was trimmed up quite nicely."Wow, thats quite nice." my mom said with a smile."Really, its not too small." I asked."No, of course not, not for your age, it will probably grow another inch, maybe inch and a half over the next year or so, so for right now, thats a perfect size." she said reassuringly.It seemed that everything I saw struck my curiousity.I found about how some guys have panty fetishes, and they would jack off wearing girls panties, or sniffing them."I'm ss..oorrr..." I tried to stammer as my mom started to walk towards me."Honey, why are you wearing my underwear." my mom asked"Umm......ummmm....." I had nothing. I mean why story could I come up with that make this all ok. I didn't care that I was about to be naked in front my mom, I was too scared to question her, so I took off her bra first, then her thong panties, standing completly naked in front of her.Then the worst part happened."What the hell, is that cum on my panties?! And sure enough, plain as day, the cum that shot out of my cock was very visible on my moms panties."Mom, I'm so sorry, I-""Shut up, and take my underwear off right now."I was begining to get really scared. I was expecting my mom to yell some more, but she was just staring at me. We both kinda stood there for what seemed like hours, then my mom shook her head, like she was coming out of a trance, and told me to go to my room. It wasn't quite 6 inches yet, which I was told was the average size.

"Why don't you put these on and give your ole mom a show."My jaw dropped even more, if that was possible.I couldn't believe what I was seeing, my own mother was sucking my cock.Then I started to say some choice words of my own "Fuck yeah mom, that feels so good, OHHH GOOOOD FUCK YEAH MOMMY!!!!!!!There was nothing wrong with you wearing my panties and masturbating in them."I was in total shock, I could not believe the words coming out of my mothers mouth."I'm told it's quite normal for a young man to masturbate to thoughts of his mother and use her underwear to help him masturbate.So, I have no problem with you wearing my panties, and masturbating in them.

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I started to touch it while looking at these porn sites, and within a few seconds I was experiencing heaven.

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