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When a woman is found dead on a "party bus," Laura and the team take on a beauty empire and its leader to uncover the truth behind the murder.Meanwhile, an annual mud race creates some friendly competition amongst the detectives of the 2nd precinct.Laura and the team investigate to determine if a religious motive was at play when a couple is found murdered in their apartment.Meanwhile, at home, a familiar if not so friendly face visits Laura and Jake during their search to find a replacement nanny for the boys.Looking for clues, Laura and the team navigate through the neighborhood's karaoke scene where they uncover a gambling ring.To catch the killer, Laura must prepare to enter a high-stakes poker game, forcing her to reconnect with her estranged father (guest star ROBERT KLEIN – Sisters, Two Weeks Notice).

In contrast, she is usually a step behind in her home life, maneuvering pre-school politics less deftly than those of the precinct, without much help from her soon-to-be ex-husband, Jake (Josh Lucas – The Firm), a rogue charmer who is always upbeat but often unavailable due to his “police work” — something that is about to really complicate things.

Meanwhile, the precinct spirals into a frenzy when a new detective named Frankie Pulaski (new series regular MEG STEEDLE – Boardwalk Empire) is sent from headquarters to investigate alleged indiscretions between Jake and Laura.

After the stabbing of a former beauty queen, Laura is reunited with her ex-fiancé (guest star ERIC Mc CORMACK – Will & Grace, Perception).

Meanwhile, Laura reconnects with an old friend (guest star KELLY RUTHERFORD – Gossip Girl), leading to a wild night out on the town and a surprise encounter with Tony (recurring guest star NEAL BLESDOE – Smash).

A beautiful au pair's untimely death puts Laura and the team on the hunt for a murderer and into the middle of a female escort ring.

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When an online hookup ends in murder, Laura creates her own dating website profile and - under Billy's watchful eye - uses herself to bait the killer.

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