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As the bounty hunters get closer to Hutchinson, the men start yelling at each other while a woman who was in the office yells 'No! Then there's a quick succession of several shots as the person recording the video drops to the floor and flees the scene.Hutchinson was wanted on felony charges of disarming a police officer, fourth-degree assault of an officer and felony first-degree narcotics possession, according to private Minnesota-based company US Fugitive Recovery and Extradition.Who doesn't relish a 100 percent punishment rate for the wicked?It is also appropriate that the continent that created the modern mystery — thanks to Edgar Allan Poe and his C. Meet the A-team of crime and punishment, XX-chromosome style.

The bounty hunters placed a tracking device on a car they believed to be Hutchinson's, where he was thought to be staying with a girlfriend, according to CBS DFW.and Gabriel Bernal were killed along with fugitive Ramon Hutchinson when the three men got into a firefight at a car dealership in Greenville, Texas, on Tuesday.The video, recorded by a bystander and obtained by the city of Greenville, shows Garcia and Bernal holding up their guns as they corner Hutchinson in a glassed in office on the showroom floor.Upcoming dancehall star Gabriel has stepped forward to address rumors of an affair with dancehall heavy weight Bounty Killer.Earlier this week rumors surfaced online claiming that Bounty Killer is now dating his “Lollipop” collaborator Gabriel.

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“People just love jump to conclusion, because wi duh a song but I am not going to stop flex with Bounty Killer, and even if we were together it would be our business and not that of the media,” Gabriel said.

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