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think-cell puts an end to these tedious best practices.

You create and update calender-based Gantt charts directly in Power Point.

Creating waterfalls in Power Point is time-consuming and error-prone.

You either push basic shapes around or use a hidden data row that supports floating segments.

Microsoft Visio has made our company org chart creation and maintenance very quick and easy.

As such, I'm technical enough to understand something about the shape system, but with only a rare opportunity to "tinker" with Visio to try to "get it to behave".Cons Can be a little cumbersome when first starting, but once you get the basics down, it does everything you need it to do and more. Pros This is a great product for creating org charts, flow charts and other diagrams it does it with such ease and has been a staple in our company for years.Prosthis software is excellent to use and easy to draw keep up the good work use this everyday this app is excellent Consneeds support for export to 3d needs support for 3d needs support for box, Dropbox,google drive,microsoft one drive needs an app for android and ios and app for free office online from microsoft Pros Easy maneuverability throughout different functions. Cons The program's licensing is a major issue; for the amount of times you use the product vs.This alone once saved me the effort of producing multiple diagrams for the same workflow process, reflecting how groups of users with different permissions would "see" the same flow. Classic example: database "cans", where I'd like to have a "name" text block within the oval and a "description" text block within the body.After all these years, surely Microsoft could work out a way to have two or more text blocks in a single shape (or on a single connector)! All of the templates I have used (organization charts, database relationships and home room layout in recent memory) have been almost as much trouble as they were useful.

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2) Connectors love to re-route and are hard or impossible to "lock down" in complex diagrams, including both diagrams built "from scratch" and those using templates (e.g. Apparently room layout is a particularly challenging task as I couldn't find a good non-Microsoft tool elsewhere either.

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