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Its fun, personal, cheap, and it really is the place to click-in with a core group of Massachusetts digital doers. Here are a few sessions I”m looking forward to at this year’s #PCB6. While nobody can tell you exactly how to build your next innovative digital business, the deterrents to digital success are well known.

Taking lessons from my work helping firms remake themselves through digital technology, I’ll share some common patterns that create obstacles, and ways firms have successfully taken them on.

She’s also out sharing her views about the online world, and anyone who can help get people to Zero in any inbox has “the power”.

—Come join me for You will leave this workshop with the tools to assemble single page maps to renovate existing businesses approaches, or show how your new approach will obsolete competitors.

Being able to chat on your mobile phone, desktop and connecting with our unique social platform makes well ahead of the competition.

You can text chat with the people you meet, and you can also see each others' webcams.

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disclaims responsibility for the actions of any visitors of this video chat room.

— Georgiana Cohen, She just nailed with a question in my Web3.0 session last year, and since then, I’ve seen Georgiana all over the place sharing ideas on content strategy.

She manages web communications for a local university, and I hear she’ll be keynoting at Gilbane Boston this Fall. Chel Wolverton, If anyone knows about managing chaos its Chel, who has been lead organizer of the last two Podcamps.

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Pocamp founder and man-about-the speaking circuit, Chris Brogan has a point of view at the ready. Fortunately, Podcamp is governed by the rule of two feet, which allows wandering between sessions.

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