Updating transmission software

## ## ---------------- ## ac_cv_build=armv6l-unknown-linux-gnueabihf ac_cv_env_CC_set= ac_cv_env_CC_value= ac_cv_env_CFLAGS_set=set ac_cv_env_CFLAGS_value='-Os -march=native' ac_cv_env_CPPFLAGS_set= ac_cv_env_CPPFLAGS_value= ac_cv_env_CPP_set= ac_cv_env_CPP_value= ac_cv_env_LDFLAGS_set= ac_cv_env_LDFLAGS_value= ac_cv_env_LIBS_set= ac_cv_env_LIBS_value= ac_cv_env_build_alias_set= ac_cv_env_build_alias_value= ac_cv_env_host_alias_set= ac_cv_env_host_alias_value= ac_cv_env_target_alias_set= ac_cv_env_target_alias_value= ac_cv_host=armv6l-unknown-linux-gnueabihf ac_cv_path_install='/usr/bin/install -c' ac_cv_path_mkdir=/bin/mkdir ac_cv_prog_AWK=mawk ac_cv_prog_ac_ct_CC=gcc ac_cv_prog_make_make_set=yes ## ----------------- ## ## Output variables. ## ## ----------------- ## ACLOCAL='$ /var/tmp/libevent-2.0.21-stable/missing --run aclocal-1.11' AMDEPBACKSLASH='' AMDEP_FALSE='' AMDEP_TRUE='' AMTAR='$$' AR='' AUTOCONF='$ /var/tmp/libevent-2.0.21-stable/missing --run autoconf' AUTOHEADER='$ /var/tmp/libevent-2.0.21-stable/missing --run autoheader' AUTOMAKE='$ /var/tmp/libevent-2.0.21-stable/missing --run automake-1.11' AWK='mawk' BUILD_CYGWIN_FALSE='' BUILD_CYGWIN_TRUE='' BUILD_REGRESS_FALSE='' BUILD_REGRESS_TRUE='' BUILD_WIN32_FALSE='' BUILD_WIN32_TRUE='' BUILD_WITH_NO_UNDEFINED_FALSE='' BUILD_WITH_NO_UNDEFINED_TRUE='' CC='gcc' CCDEPMODE='' CFLAGS='-Os -march=native' CPP='' CPPFLAGS='' CYGPATH_W='echo' DEFS='' DEPDIR='' DEVPOLL_BACKEND_FALSE='' DEVPOLL_BACKEND_TRUE='' DLLTOOL='' DSYMUTIL='' DUMPBIN='' ECHO_C='' ECHO_N='-n' ECHO_T='' EGREP='' EPOLL_BACKEND_FALSE='' EPOLL_BACKEND_TRUE='' EVPORT_BACKEND_FALSE='' EVPORT_BACKEND_TRUE='' EV_LIB_GDI='' EV_LIB_WS32='' EXEEXT='' FGREP='' GREP='' INSTALL_DATA='$ -m 644' INSTALL_LIBEVENT_FALSE='' INSTALL_LIBEVENT_TRUE='' INSTALL_PROGRAM='$' INSTALL_SCRIPT='$' INSTALL_STRIP_PROGRAM='$(install_sh) -c -s' KQUEUE_BACKEND_FALSE='' KQUEUE_BACKEND_TRUE='' LD='' LDFLAGS='' LIBEVENT_GC_SECTIONS='' LIBOBJS='' LIBS='' LIBTOOL='' LIBTOOL_DEPS='' LIPO='' LN_S='' LTLIBOBJS='' MAKEINFO='$ /var/tmp/libevent-2.0.21-stable/missing --run makeinfo' MANIFEST_TOOL='' MKDIR_P='/bin/mkdir -p' NM='' NMEDIT='' OBJDUMP='' OBJEXT='' OPENSSL_FALSE='' OPENSSL_LIBADD='' OPENSSL_LIBS='' OPENSSL_TRUE='' OTOOL64='' OTOOL='' PACKAGE='libevent' PACKAGE_BUGREPORT='' PACKAGE_NAME='' PACKAGE_STRING='' PACKAGE_TARNAME='' PACKAGE_URL='' PACKAGE_VERSION='' PATH_SEPARATOR=':' POLL_BACKEND_FALSE='' POLL_BACKEND_TRUE='' PTHREADS_FALSE='' PTHREADS_TRUE='' PTHREAD_CC='' PTHREAD_CFLAGS='' PTHREAD_LIBS='' RANLIB='' SED='' SELECT_BACKEND_FALSE='' SELECT_BACKEND_TRUE='' SET_MAKE='' SHELL='/bin/bash' SIGNAL_SUPPORT_FALSE='' SIGNAL_SUPPORT_TRUE='' STRIP='' VERSION='2.0.21-stable' ZLIB_LIBS='' ZLIB_REGRESS_FALSE='' ZLIB_REGRESS_TRUE='' ac_ct_AR='' ac_ct_CC='gcc' ac_ct_DUMPBIN='' acx_pthread_config='' am__EXEEXT_FALSE='' am__EXEEXT_TRUE='' am__fastdep CC_FALSE='' am__fastdep CC_TRUE='' am__include='' am__isrc='' am__leading_dot='.' am__nodep='' am__quote='' am__tar='$$ chof - "$$tardir"' am__untar='$$ xf -' bindir='$/bin' build='armv6l-unknown-linux-gnueabihf' build_alias='' build_cpu='armv6l' build_os='linux-gnueabihf' build_vendor='unknown' datadir='$' datarootdir='$/share' docdir='$/doc/$' dvidir='$' exec_prefix='NONE' host='armv6l-unknown-linux-gnueabihf' host_alias='' host_cpu='armv6l' host_os='linux-gnueabihf' host_vendor='unknown' htmldir='$' includedir='$/include' infodir='$/info' install_sh='$ /var/tmp/libevent-2.0.21-stable/install-sh' libdir='$/lib' libexecdir='$/libexec' localedir='$/locale' localstatedir='$/var' mandir='$/man' mkdir_p='/bin/mkdir -p' oldincludedir='/usr/include' pdfdir='$' prefix='/usr/local' program_transform_name='s,x,x,' psdir='$' sbindir='$/sbin' sharedstatedir='$/com' sysconfdir='$/etc' target_alias='' ## ----------- ## ## confdefs.h. I may post my results here, incase anyone is interested. I'm assuming you have your cable and know how to install drivers and stuff 1. In step 6 on winkfp I don't see the data folder anywhere. thanks mortyx10 SP-daten v 41 for e65 https://rapidshare.com/files/2644713914/E65_V41_Daten_file size 385mb after decompress 1.29gb latest update for e65 is v 41 so v 45 is the same as v 41 Thank you..useful. Can you tell me exactly which files an from where to download for a 745li 2005. I downloaded what I thought were the right daten files but the folder structure didn't match what you have listed in the winkfp PDF. It will take some time, but progress is being made. You'll probably need to add (or create the file) If you don't mind waiting for a bit, the Raspbian people are working on the "Jessie" release to replace "Wheezy". Then apt-get update and install with apt-get -t=jessie install transmission Ok, just reminded myself of the format of /etc/apt/preferences.

A second determining unit determines whether a communication control by the communication control unit is interrupted by an...

Debian Jessie currently has transmission 2.77-2, so Raspbian Jessie will have that version or later. It looks like Arch Linux Arm is more up-to-date: extra transmission-qt 2.82-1 Fast, easy, and free Bit Torrent client (Qt GUI) armv6 extra transmission-cli 2.82-1 Fast, easy, and free Bit Torrent client (CLI tools, daemon and web client) armv6 extra transmission-gtk 2.82-1 Fast, easy, and free Bit Torrent client (GTK GUI) Utilizing the build instructions for Debian squeeze found here, I get stuck on step 2 - compiling libevent, specifically "CFLAGS="-Os -march=native" ./configure && make", which produces the following error: checking for BSD-compatible install... This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.

To answer your next question: No, I don't know when it will be ready. /usr/bin/install -c checking whether build environment is sane... There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. = 0 configure:3479: gcc -v &5 Using built-in specs.

## ## ----------- ## /* confdefs.h */ #define PACKAGE_NAME "" #define PACKAGE_TARNAME "" #define PACKAGE_VERSION "" #define PACKAGE_STRING "" #define PACKAGE_BUGREPORT "" #define PACKAGE_URL "" #define PACKAGE "libevent" #define VERSION "2.0.21-stable" #define NUMERIC_VERSION 0x02001500 configure: exit 77 I have some experience with Linux and am comfortable with following and entering commands, but this is my first experience building a program from source other than a custom-build kernel on Ubuntu/Debian.

I have tried searching Google for specifics on my error but haven't been successful. After a few hours of debugging I managed to get both 'libevent' and 'transmission' to compile, but only learned after all of my efforts that it was only for a barebones CLI version of Transmission, and not the GTK version I was hoping.

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