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This can be stored in read-only media during manufacture or perhaps protected by on-chip crypto using its own signing scheme.The "root of trust" U-Boot must include the initial public key, held in U-Boot's device tree (often called the flattened device tree or FDT).Chrome OS uses verified boot to ensure that only approved images can be used on the Chromebook (in normal, non-developer mode).That feature is an integral part of the overall security architecture.see note below Connecting to /dev/tty USB0, speed 115200 Escape character: Ctrl-\ (ASCII 28, FS): enabled Type the escape character followed by C to get back, or followed by ? Therefore we use the file the modified kernel and rootfs image an copy it on an USB stick. We also need to change the rootfs to rw and so we added a line with "run .mode_rw" to the file.It fits in seamlessly with the existing image loading infrastructure in U-Boot. Using these technologies it is possible to distribute images and have them verified on a device.

It helps to prevent malware from inserting itself into the boot process, provides user confidence that software updates are safe, and can help manufacturers control the software running on devices in the field.The downside (at least from a technical user's point of view) may be this manufacturer control.This can be addressed by allowing the user to install keys as UEFI does, or having an option to turn off the verified boot.On the device we can obtain an image and verify it was signed by the private key.Images can be chained one after the other and signed in reverse order either using the same keys or sub-keys (keys derived from other keys).

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For the APF51 and U-Boot versions 2013.04 or later you can also use files with the U-Boot command: Warning: Before setting the firmware_autoload variable, be sure that your FPGA binary file is correct.

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