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Mobile broadband is scaling faster and presents a bigger opportunity.

This revolution is being led not only by domestic wireless carriers, who are investing billions in network upgrades, but also by American companies such as Amazon, Apple, Intel, Google, Qualcomm and numerous entrepreneurial enterprises that export innovation globally.

Most smartphones available today feature Wi-Fi, and users increasingly take advantage of this capability inside homes or businesses where high-speed broadband connectivity is available.

Historically, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC)’s approach to allocating spectrum has been to formulate policy on a band-by-band, service-by-service basis, typically in response to specific requests for service allocations or station assignments. These reforms include making more spectrum available on a flexible basis, including for unlicensed and opportunistic uses. The contribution of wireless services to overall gross domestic product grew over 16% annually from 1992-2007 compared with less than 3% annual growth for the remainder of the economy. Some analysts predict that within five years more users will connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop personal computers (PCs).

This approach has been criticized for being ad hoc, overly prescriptive and unresponsive to changing market needs. Given the length of the spectrum reallocation process, these reforms should reflect expectations of how the wireless world will look 10 years from now. Given these growth rates, wireless communications—and mobile broadband in particular—promises to continue to be a significant contributor to U. Disruptive technology transformations happen once every 10 to 15 years.

From 1994 to 2000, the FCC auctioned the Personal Communications Service (PCS) spectrum, which made mobile voice communications a mass-market reality and unleashed a tidal wave of innovation and investment.

These auctions more than tripled the stock of spectrum for commercial mobile radio services.

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