Updating d300 firmware

For this reason, camera manufacturers sometimes issue firmware updates to correct errors that have been identified since the camera was released and enable additional functionality.It's worth checking the website of the manufacturers of your digital cameras periodically to see whether a firmware update has been released.The update will take effect immediately and you can check in the camera's set-up menu to ensure it has been installed. Recent Updates The following manufacturers have issued firmware updates for DSLR cameras in the past six months: Canon: EOS 1000D (Ver.1.0.5.), EOS 450D (Ver.1.1.0.), EOS 50D (Ver.1.0.6.), EOS-1Ds Mark III (Ver.1.1.4.), EOS-1D Mark III (Ver.1.2.5.), EOS 40D (Ver.1.1.1.), EOS 5D Mark II (Ver.1.1.0.). Firmware details are usually found in the Set-up menu.

Check the size of the file on the card against the file size listed on the manufacturer's website to ensure all data has been extracted. Firmware updates can be accessed by going to and selecting Support.

Firmware covers both routine processes and enabling functions for higher-level procedure.

The more complex the device, the more reliant it is on effective firmware.

Once the update is completed, the camera will instruct you to switch the power off.

You can then remove the memory card with the firmware update on it.

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The version number of the latest update should be listed.

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