The material is usually of a hard high-impact plastic (e.g. The body of the Kubotan is lined with six round grooves with a screw eye or swivel and split ring attachment at one end for keys.The Kubotan keychain was originally based on a small bamboo weapon called the "hashi stick", an invention by Kubota's father Denjiro.

Over time the registered name "Kubotan" has been eroded and genericized to include many knockoffs and imitations of the original design.Then you can decide whether to make it a full-time job or keep it as the world’s best nights-and-weekends gig.So, here’s your challenge: Make this the weekend you launch your dream side hustle.It is often touted as extremely effective in breaking the will of unruly suspects with painful locks and pressure point strikes.Because of this, the Kubotan is also sometimes dubbed the 'instrument of attitude adjustment'.

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