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Furze was cast into the role after an audition and a screen test impressed producers.Furze said he was attracted to the role because of Ric's characterisation.Nick Levine of Digital Spy has praised his physical appearance, while Greg Hassal of The Sydney Morning Herald praised Ric's storylines.Though, Scott Ellis from the publication opined that Ric managed to annoy nearly every regular character featured in Home and Away.Eric Dalby is a bully and a troublemaker – and a clever one at that. Home and Away's overseas broadcaster, Five said that Ric managed to put "problematic past well and truly behind him" and got back "on the rails".

Though he proclaimed "I'm not as aggressive as him".Furze state that he would prefer more "blokey" scenes for Ric so he would not end up being perceived as a "handbag".Ric's early relationships are played out with the characters of Cassie Turner (Sharni Vinson) and Belle Taylor (Jessica Tovey).Furze said that Ric's aggressive nature was "awesome" to portray.He opined that it made him one of the best characters as Ric always gets into fights, adding "it's great when he snaps at everyone".

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They also described him as a "keen sportsman and is always up for a good time".

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