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“I was never into the Dead, but after the stroke their music makes total sense to me,” he says via cellphone as he walked the streets of Manhattan, heading to Columbus Circle for a business meeting.“It did something to my brain that got me totally into the Dead.Please note: requests should only be made by those officially affiliated to Steve Poltz.

Hopefully there's some sense of unity in the room, and I haven't offended them.He’s still a nimble raconteur, spinning tales about his life both before and after his relationship with Jewel put him on the map as a songwriter and made him a small fortune.When they met and began a love affair, she was an unknown young singer no one had every heard of and he was a college radio hero with his San Diego indie band the Rugburns, turning out cleverly absurd tunes like “Hitchhiker Joe” and “Me and Eddie Vedder. My dad said, ‘You should go cash this right away.’ I looked at it and said, ‘This has gotta be a mistake.’ It was for a couple hundred thousand dollars.”After that, Poltz turned out a slew of solo albums full of sly humor.“You Were Meant for Me” was the second single on Jewel’s debut album, “Pieces of You,” the record that made the beautiful young blonde a star overnight. “I thought of every bad thing that had happened to me since I’ve been on the road and it in the song,” he says, reciting a few lines for me:“You finally reach the club and they got no posters up/Play to 12 people, half are puking in a cup/Sell two CDs, give another six away/You’re hoping somebody has a place for you to stay/Got a 10-hour drive in the morning, but you don’t sweat it/Keep thinking about the gig last night and wish you could forget it.”Lives as touring musicians eventually pulled him and Jewel apart, but they stay in touch.Poltz appears shirtless with her on a sexy video for the song that won best female video at the 1997 MTV Awards and helped rocket the song to No. And the song they wrote together is a remarkable rags-to-riches story they will always share.

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