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Created by @Ben Blatt, Slate One time, in college, I managed to play in a pickup basketball game against the Harlem Globetrotters.My stat line was not very impressive: four steals (against me), three blocks (against me), and two hoops (that we quickly bought at a sports shop once the Globetrotters unexpectedly accepted our challenge).No release date for Six Degrees of Everything has been announced as of yet, but a release notes the show will be available on Tru TV in the summer of 2015.

It’s fun to be at the forefront of that idea.”Bacon was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but his father’s line goes back 12 generations to a Quaker named Henry Comly, who was living in Bristol in 1663.Marc Summers will join the executive production team under his Marc Summers Productions banner.William Morris Endeavor negotiated the Six Degrees of Everything deal with Tru TV and the Fine Bros.The Fine Bros are set to make their second leap from digital media to traditional television.The fraternal You Tube stars, who boast over 11.7 million subscribers on their main channel, will come to Tru TV with a new show titled Six Degrees of Everything.

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  1. A rock sample from Nigeria was dated at 95 million years by the potassium-argon method, 750 million years by the uranium-helium method, and less than 30 million years by the fission-track method.