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I was just starting to get very aggravated when Lisa said, "awww poor *****, Looks like he needs some sexual release, maybe we should help him Chelle!

"After a little playful reluctance, the two of them took my hands and walked me to the couch, pulling off my shirt along the way.

Mainly because there worthless and populated with fake profiles.

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just because there is a thing like female ejaculation (and there is! I bet they filled their pussies with water and all squeezed hard at the right time. Ok ppl need to get educated on how a womans sexuality works, I will leave comments on all these videos if I must.

IT IS REAL, SO GO READ A BOOK FOR ONCE, it is not pee it is made in a female gland much like a male prostate gland that makes the fluid for a mans cum.

Lisa let go of Chelle started pulling off her clothes. However, these women were filled with a off white liquid & made to look like they were squirting at the same time. I am here with a very wet pussy, I am a gusher, I can squirt with the right person, I am soaked right now, I wished I had someone hear to lick my pussy juices horny I am getting off tonight so much, I know with the porns they have things to make it look real,but I can say real or not it helps me fuck myself good and wet,ty fausse femmes fontaines elles mettent du liquide dans leur vagins et l'expulse pour faire croire a l'orgasme !! My woman squirts every once in a while and it is hot, and I feel pretty damn cool with myself for making it happen :) For those of you that think it is piss, you should have the sense to know that it doesn't typically come out like that. ; D I still have a few on DVD) in early-2002 with this same exact short, 3-way lezzie squirt clip midway into the tape. ) SO..somebody please give me an answer..are those three hot blonde bitches (and one fine brunette! it's all women that have the ability to do it, Just takes more of a time to help them do it. Ha, all you dudes who think squirting is fake, I suggest you take a long, hard look at yourselves.OK below is Part 2 from the previous post at: after our first 3sum and getting to see how hot Lisa is, I basically started begging Chelle to do it again.It took a good month or so, but it finally happened again.

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It’s a torrid, lusty fuck that will no doubt get a little something stirring in your pants.

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