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Looking at his linkedin profile[2] , he was later hired by Apple in August 2015.

Now he is biggest[3] contributed to Swift package manager.

It is good to see that the person who has lot of experience in handing Apple and package system is handing this stuff.

I guess, things happens for good.[1][2] https://

It seemed the developer's toolkit was limited by the languages created 20 years ago but within the last few years we're seeing a renaissance in developer toolkits as well as development philosophies.

Languages like Go, Rust, and now Swift are not only great from almost every aspect over the last generation languages like C, C , Java, but a lot noobs or scripting language developers are also converting to more low level languages.

Similar to Android and Java, I'd imagine we'll start seeing "vanilla" Swift libraries crop up that only use public/standard libraries and can work on i OS/OS X apps as well as open source projects.I wish it had a wizard to do that easily from No SQL entities. Also you can try your hand at developing REST in Node JS or Cujo REST.A REST client from Java Script is easy, here is a nice article on Rest JS with Spring.It's a great/powerful language and almost everybody can pick it up quickly within a few days.I wouldn't listen to people who dismiss the language for its lack of "features" and have never written more than "hello world" in it. It has a much steeper learning curve than Go and naturally it takes a few weeks of dedication to get comfortable with it.

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