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Very little is known about stock status because reliable data are difficult to obtain; many river systems have few fish and particular stretches of rivers known to support sturgeon are often not easily sampled.However, several states have been conducting long-term monitoring of Atlantic sturgeon through fishery-independent surveys.Additionally, states have invested considerable resources to increase understanding of sturgeon biology and life history.

As adults, they are opportunistic feeders and prey mainly on mollusks, snails, worms, shrimps and benthic fish.) are ancient fish dating back at least 70 million years, and can be found along the entire Atlantic coast from Florida to Labrador, Canada.They are anadromous, migrating from the ocean into coastal estuaries and rivers to spawn.Most juveniles remain in their natal river from one to six years before migrating back out to the ocean.Little is known about the movements of Atlantic sturgeon when they are at sea.

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Atlantic sturgeon may live up to 70 years old, with females reaching sexual maturity between the ages of seven to 30, and males between the ages of five to 24.

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