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The cabinet, satisfied with this legal solution, has recommended voters reject the initiative on the grounds that it is imprecise, incomplete and contravenes the principles of Swiss and international law.

But the initiative campaigners do not want to leave work bans at the discretion of judges, pointing to the legal system’s poor track record of protecting children, the 2004 case in Biel being just one blatant example.

The 57-year-old accused man admitted abusing more than 100 children and adults with physical and mental disabilities over 29 years until the abuse came to light four years ago.

Evidence against the man, who was employed as a care worker in eight Swiss residential homes for the mentally disabled, includes photos and hours of video in which he recorded the abuse.33 counts of abuse of mentally and physically disabled children and adults were before the court.

However in mid-March Andrea Caroni of the Liberals decided to step into the breach and put together a cross-party committee opposing the initiative from amongst his colleagues in the House of Representatives.

The organisations call for urgent investment in prevention work and protection measures as the most effective way to avoid sexual and violent assaults on children.

“Best” candidate The case involved a teacher who had been convicted of child sexual abuse.

Before then, victims had until the age of 25 to take legal action.

In 2012, 1,203 people were charged with sexual activities involving children in Switzerland, according to the Federal Statistics Office.

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The initiative, brought by the (White March) group of concerned parents, would amend the Swiss constitution to ensure that “persons who are convicted because they have affected the sexual integrity of a child or a dependent person permanently lose the right to pursue a professional or volunteer activity with minors or dependents”.

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