Settlers 7 runtime error updating

Variant Copy Ind input pvarg Src check fails for VT_RECORD|VT_BYREF) 8951 Textures are not displayed in Company of Heroes and everything is only black and white 9228 Party Poker does not start the second time 10105 OLE Errors start upon launching and blank windows 11285 Static characters on Nvidia 7xxx cards in Witcher 11737 DVD Rebuilder fails to run 14186 Morrowind stucks for 3-5seconds during background music change (in combat) 14942 White trees in Drakensang 15542 The Settlers V - The Heritage of the Kings / Siedler 5 - Das Erbe der Könige 15586 Barkley, Shut up and Jam: Gaiden - Intro screen is drawn mostly off screen 17398 Giants: Citizen Kabuto - shadows appear as flickering pixel patterns 17815 Red Alert 3 won't start because of missing directx 9.0 (which works for others).

17890 Unreal Tournament shows only a quarter of the screen in full screen mode 18590 Silent Heroes: Out of adapter memory 18672 Win BUGS crashes under Linux with any Wine version 1.1.12.

Make sure you also remove the ones installed through your package manager!

Please replace your file This is caused by an old FIFE somewhere in your system.

26841 Reaper: File extensions not saved with project file 26881 Portal 2 main menu fonts are too big, entries get truncated 26906 Hao Zip: No text in menu 26908 Hao Zip: Files view does not draw the window background 26948 i Tunes reports "Apple Application Support was not found" on startup 26981 Word 2003 - very sluggish 27004 Warcraft III fails to select units by mouse drag 27074 avicap32 won't build correctly on recent kernel headers 27087 Space Empires: Star Fury hangs with sound enabled (Alsa full hw.

acceleration) 27263 Broken depth test for translucent surfaces in Arx Fatalis (d3d 7 game) 27322 Flatout 1 does not run anymore 27517 Lord of the Rings Online wants d3dx9_36

with this file: [] ( See the [report in our forums] ( You're using FIFE older than 0.3.4 which is incompatible with our release.

Please uninstall any older FIFE versions in your system (package manager!

dsound: Don't copy the position notify on duplicate.

- Old-style sound drivers for Jack, NAS and ESD are removed. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs fixed in 1.3.25: 1841 wrong region drawn 4931 Visual Basic 6 app wizard reports out-of-memory error due to oleaut32 ICreate Type Info2_fn Set Help String Context stub 5991 MSDE install fails due to missing

- Graphics driver architecture changes for the DIB engine. Ds Get Spn A stub 8543 archicad 10 demo installer severe Z order problems 8548 Runtime error 5 and 440 in factusol 2007 (oleaut32.

If you compiled the recent FIFE sources from svn, try removing the package fife-python from your system.

If you use the latest FIFE release: Sorry, that's not compatible with current UH HEAD anymore.

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25717 Japanese fonts sometimes shifted to the left 25778 'k Icon Services16Pixel Data ARGB' undeclared (first use in this function) 26353 Winhttprequest5.1 is unimplemented?

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