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Damian and his wife Diane have two children, Joshua and Rachel, and reside in York, Pa.

The locals you’ll see at the clubs and bars are often quite friendly. San Salvador and El Salvador as a whole has a nasty gang problem.

Many travelers skip the country due to the violence, so there is not much tourism infrastructure outside of the main party beach, El Tunco.

Also, you cannot skimp on staying in a place without a guard at the door. Due to the dangerous nature of the country, I’d only recommend El Salvador for men who have a decent grasp of the Spanish language.

He assumed district management responsibilities in 1986 and won the President’s Award in 19.

He was promoted to Regional Vice President in 1993 and Divisional Vice President in 2002.

He is a member of LIMRA’s Distribution Leadership Committee as well as its Recruiting and Retention Task Force.

In 2011, he was elected Vice President of Distribution.

In 2013, he was elected as Senior Vice President and Chief Distribution Officer.

Yet, El Salvador is worth a trip for a couple reasons.

First, you’ll find some of the prettiest women in all of Central America in the small country. Second, the beaches in El Salvador have great surf, are cheap and foster great nightlife on the weekends.

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Even during the day, you’ll want to be careful about where you’re walking.

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