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This caused Austrian art to grow ever more brooding and introspective just at the moment when its financial support system was in a state of extreme flux.All his life, Schiele yearned to create the sort of grand allegorical murals that Klimt had once painted, but there was no public outlet for such works and private clients rarely bought them.Yet he was doing worse than ever at the Gymnasium, and toward the end of the spring semester in 1906, his teacher politely suggested he leave.With this, all thoughts of an engineering career - or any profession requiring a university education - had to be abandoned.The Secession's showings of foreign art introduced to Vienna a rather skewed view of modernism, one that placed more emphasis on international Symbolism than on the French Impressionism which had such a decisive influence almost everywhere else in Europe.Edvard Munch and Vincent van Gogh, rather than Manet and Claude Monet, became the dominant role models.As cofounder and first president of the Vienna Secession, Klimt remained the most successful artist of his day.

Certainly he never dreamed the boy would instead want to be an artist, or, for that matter, considered this a fitting career.

Germany's more figural Expressionism was grudgingly acknowledged but never embraced.

Austrian modernism - which combined Expressionist elements with traces of Symbolism and Art Nouveau - was for many years wholly ignored in the West.

Several years of increasing madness and supposedly the loss of all his savings preceded the father's death.

Marie Schiele, his widow, was forced to turn to wealthier family members for assistance, in particular to her brother-in-law, Leopold Czihaczek, who became co guardian of the two minor children, Egon and his younger sister, Gertrude.

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