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This is a simple calculation to work out differences between browser time and server time, taking into account the time zone differences.hosts_limit is the maximum number of hosts that you can add to Opsview based on your Opsview subscription.You should use the API to update the configuration data in Opsview as object updates are made within transactions (so a failure will rollback other related changes) and there is a lot of validation to ensure that the data is correct. Connection to the REST API is via HTTP or HTTPS, based on how you have configured the Opsview web server.We recommend using HTTPS to encrypt the traffic between the client and the Opsview web server. If you want to use a specific domain for the API, such as api.opsview.example.com, this could be achieved by configuring Apache to proxy a different site through to Opsview Web. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with Opsview Monitor as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Opsview has a REST API for updating the Opsview configuration using web service calls on the master server.This uses the same underlying models and procedure as the web interface.opsview_edition is a string, which could be either community, enterprise or commercial.server_timezone_offset is the number of seconds that this server's time zone is, relative to UTC. This is based on the current time, so you will get a different offset if you are currently in daylight saving time.

api_min_version will be incremented if backwards compatibility has been broken.

You then need to pass the authentication token for each request.

The flow is: To reduce the possibility of a CSRF attack, the authorisation token is not implemented as a cookie.

The easyxdm_version information is used for interfacing to Easy XDM's cross domain communication. version=VERSION to initiate the Easy XDM interface.

URL: opsview_name is based on the top level in the host group hierarchy.

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Note: The importing is based on the name of objects, so if an object already exists with the same name, then it will be updated with the data.

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