Temüjin escapes a second time finding Börte (Chuluuny Khulan), and brings her back to his family.

Later that night, they are attacked by the Merkit tribe led by Chiledu (Sai Xing Ga), since Temüjin's father had years before stolen his wife from one of their tribesmen.

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The film was a minor financial success after its theatrical run, and was generally met with positive critical reviews.

After an initial screening at the Russian Film Festival in Vyborg on 10 August 2007, Mongol was released in Russia on 20 September 2007.

It saw a limited release in the United States on 6 June 2008 grossing .7 million in domestic ticket sales.

The storyline was conceived from a screenplay written by Bodrov and Arif Aliev.

It was produced by Bodrov, Sergei Selyanov and Anton Melnik and stars Tadanobu Asano, Sun Honglei and Chuluuny Khulan in the main roles.

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