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Valdemoro is a municipal district, located in the Southern zone of the autonomous community of Madrid, Spain.

Located 27 kilometers from the capital, Valdemoro is officially part of the comarca of La Sagra, though it is generally also included in the Madrid metropolitan area.

The municipality has experienced strong population growth in the past fifteen years, eventually reaching 72,265 inhabitants (INE 2014).

Valdemoro's proximity to the capital has favored the demographic and economic development of the area.

Taking into consideration the short amount of time it took for the Moors to completely conquer the Iberian Peninsula, it seems more likely that the name comes from Valle de Moro ("Valley of the Moor(s)"), a name the area received after the Reconquista.

Copper Age artefacts found in the area include arrowheads, knives, stone chips, and sheets of flint and quartzite.

The area is also home to 3 species of amphibians, 7 species of reptiles, and 127 varieties of birds (67 species with stable, reproducing populations).

The settlement was eventually annexed into the Segovian communice in 1190 after the intervention of King Alfonso VIII and the mediation of Pope Clement III.During the Bronze Age, certain strategically located areas were populated in a number of temporary settlements.The earliest indications of a continuous human presence in the area known as Valdemoro dates back to the Iron Age on the farmlands of El Espartal in the Eastern parts of the municipal district Without a doubt, the most important archeological discovery in the area is the so-called "Ciempozuelo type" of Bell Beaker.Rainfall is scarce, making Valdemoro one of the driest regions on the peninsula.Valdemoro does not possess overly abundant populations of flora or fauna, though 794 hectares of the municipal district are part of the Parque Regional del Sureste.

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