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She saw me snuggling into my wheat bag, and figured I was cold so got me a blanket, she saw socks on my feet, my pj's on, etc. I've been clean and single for a month now although I feel miserable.

I appreciated her kindness no end - and thanked her profusely for it... His birthday was the other day and I just wanted to be with him. school hallway, I held on to my best friend, or whom I thought was my best friend, until one day I found out she never took my as a friend.

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Just because no one really cares about you and you don't have friends? Jealous my friends were so they decided to celebrate the memory of nothing with their girl friends, it could be they want to make a foolish... Even so, I feel empty inside, like something is missing.

that some of us have to turn to this site to let out feelings out and talk to others we don't know? When I was in high school, I saw that alot of the people that I thought were my friends would leave me out of alot of things. Today is my beloved girl birthday, she is beautiful and I love her from my heart, but the occasion is so heavy with love and bitterness.

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If someone asks you how you’re feeling and you say fine, although a bit lonely, be prepared to have them either laugh at you, berate you, ignore you or turn away. we live in a world full of 7 billion people and can't even turn to one person, it's terrible...everyone... I'm not sure why I'm doing this or what I hope to achieve.. After the (recent) break down of my marriage, I was sure that I didn't want to take that walk again, to get involved with someone else romantically. This lonliness....sometimes, I SWEAR I'm dying from the inside out.

and i just really want to at least try to keep in contact with people that have similar interest or feel the same way i feel I'm so lonely and unhappy its so hard for me to trust someone but i also want to be able to and shallow? unlanented pile of flesh and blood removed from the... This social network is for people to find REAL friends and start living life. It makes me sad, because if it were up to me, none of them would have to be alone ever again.

The models on your playboy magazines, in movies, the ideal of slim and perky; they are not a true reflection of women. I think all lonely people should unite and start talking or mailing each other. I never thought I would be one to post this story....considering I always believed myself to be alone by choice, but that was a falsified damnation that doomed me into years of denying the truth that I was lonely in my endeavors, lonely in my longing for companionship, lonely in...

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You meet a "friend", friend is cool, you chat and before you know it you're having hour conversations every night.

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