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Kenya Currently, the Organisation is a Partner for the Kolping Community and they organise two workcamps per year with Kolping for young Students that help with the program. International House, 12th Floor, Mama Ngina Str, P. Box 53168 Nairobi Kenya Tel: 254 2 226 590 Fax: 254 2 210 709 E-mail: [email protected]: FAWE is an international NGO of educationalists committed to achieving gender equality within the educational system in Africa and promoting the education of women and girls. But after I was done with being outraged and disgusted, I really started to think about it, and I realised that there is a strange paradigm shift that has been taking place on the matrimonial scene of late, with modern and independent women increasingly electing to become second wives.Personally, I know of two friends, all independent women with their own career and money who happily choose to be second wives.In addition to a guided tour of a traditional Samburu cultural centre and village, Umoja offers its guests a campsite complete with all the necessary amenities.GROOTS Kenya is a network of women self-help groups and community organizations in Kenya.The Powerwomen are a group of twenty women who came together to reduce poverty in the community.

Network of individuals, organisations and agencies working in development in Africa. Loita House Loita Street Nairobi, Kenya Tel: Fax: Feminist Bookstore P. Box 60054 Nairobi Kenya Tel: (254-2) 448618/448619 Fax: (254-2) 448621 Ngong Road, near Adams Arcade P O Box 7631 Nairobi Kenya Tel: 254-2-574357/8 Fax: 254-2-574253 Email: [email protected] P. Box 42542 Nairobi Kenya (254-2) 226742 (254-2) 340367 P. This is done by providing support by means of research, trainings, communicationprojects and education. Box 49838 Nairobi, Kenya Women’s Bureau, Ministry of Culture and Social Services Monrovia Street, P. Box 44412 Nairobi Kenya Tel: (254) 223307 Fax: (254) 225390 P. Last, they are often pressured to loan their profits to community members, and often are not repaid. Box 14756 Nairobi Kenya Tel: (254 2) 448392 Fax: (254 2) 448391 P. Box 75603 Nairobi Kenya 761884 252 02 557478 c/o Patrick Manawa P. Box 299 Chwele, Kenya (Tea planting/raising of tree seedlings); Agricultural production/horticulture; Shop business; Livestock (dairy cattle) keeping; Soil & water conservation). Thus their profits are not reinvested into their businesses. Years in operation: 1 Number of members: 30 This group started by buying beads to resell to other groups, but due to transportation difficulties was unable to restock their supplies. They now make some beadwork to sell, but are mostly involved in selling tea and sugar.

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