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Conversely, a husband might be kicked out of that bed and exiled to the couch if the couple is fighting.

That said, sleeping together in one bed can sympolize the union between a husband and wife.

When this happens, we fail to distinguish Christian relationships from worldly relationships in any substantive way.

But even if your roommates Christian, you can still pull them down with your example.

Because of this mentality, a new trend in Christian dating has developed: sleeping together but not having sex.

If, for example, your neighbors see your boyfriend leave early in the morning, the same perception may be achieved, so it is best to be above reproach in this area.This, in my mind, is what separates sharing a bed with a friend of the same sex, from sharing a bed with someone you’re attracted to.When I share a bed with a girl friend, we might as well be sleeping in separate beds.The final reason that spending the night should be avoided is that it is actually very intimate, and in a way that is not appropriate outside the bonds of marriage.You know, we don’t really talk about sleeping in the same bed as being an intimate act, but whenever I woke up the next morning I always felt like I had crossed a major line of intimacy that I hadn’t intended to transgress.

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