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It’s a valuable gift that is given by bloggers who offer it – so don’t abuse it. Comment Luv Enabled Blogs has changed the way and made blog commenting a very important step of promoting their blogs by commenting on commentluv enabled blogs visitors can get high quality dofollow backlinks which helps them to increase their rankings in search engines and at the same time they can drive referral traffic to their blogs, By finding commentluv enabled blogs you not only get dofollow backlinks for your blog but your latest blog posts is also shown below your comment which is added incentive so you are extracting double benefits from this plugin and its best ways to get new visits to your latest blog posts which in turn can get your few loyal readers. You know it, in order to rank high in search engine results pages, you have to get strong backlinks to your blog.

Many of you will enjoy a list of 150 sites to get free backlinks.

Spam is not an efficient SEO technique and is penalized by Google.

More efforts for you to DO Create & optimize your Blog-Website-Do SEO yourself. Create an earnings stream if you know the art of writing any review, articles, e-book and urge to present before world audience. Find useful SEO tools n software to apply yourself.

Though if your sole motto is to let your site index in no time, here is a quick guide : How to index your site in 24 hours.

I’m not adding those directories or sites, which asks you to place a link back to verify the site ownership, as it will be considered as two way link exchange. …Start writing articles Make your own Blog-website…The core ingredients you will need are a domain name (ie.

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