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2.2 Discriminatory behaviour can occur on the basis of perceived group membership, affiliation or association.

The Equality Act 2010 legally prevents those who share 'protected characteristics' from discrimination on the basis of their shared characteristic.

Transgender staff includes staff who have undergone, are undergoing or intend to undergo gender reassignment.

5.1 Achieving dignity and respect at work requires a collaborative effort by managers and employees.

5.2 Managers are responsible for ensuring that they: 6.

their manager or their line managers' manager, and that manager ignores/dismisses/refuses to acknowledge/discuss issues of bullying, harassment or victimisation then they may be seen as complicit in any such act (in that they are allowing it to continue).

It is noted a manager would not be expected to act against the wishes of the person experiencing unacceptable behaviour, unless there are over-riding health and safety reasons (including personal safety). Examples of unacceptable behaviour 3.1 Examples of unacceptable behaviour that are covered by this statement include (but are not limited to) the following: 4. 4.1 All staff are expected to treat each other with respect, dignity and courtesy.

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