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A serious approach to the business world would have been a distraction for the show as well as for Trump, whose hotel and casino holdings are currently mired in debt.The Apprentice centered not on the success or failure of any project but on the losing team’s having to face Trump across a huge conference table. Would the hard-working contestant be defeated by the manipulative contestant?The show won huge ratings by pitting sixteen aspiring businessmen and women in a battle to win a 0,000 job with real estate mogul Donald Trump, whose weekly task was to tell a contestant, “You’re fired.” The “apprentices” were divided into teams and given a project (renting an apartment, making a profit from bicycle cabs) in which they knew in advance that one member from the losing side would be cut.

Instead, the contestants are divided into teams and pitted against each other in challenges, typically canoe races or building a shelter, decided upon in advance by the show’s producers.

On American Idol: The Search for a Superstar, a variation of the talent show that from Ted Mack’s Original Amateur Hour to Star Search has always drawn an audience, the key is not picking the winning contestant but humiliating the losing one.

Although some winners on American Idol, notably the singer Kelly Clarkson, have gone on to popular success, the reason viewers watch the program is not to discover the next Kelly Clarkson.

Their failings-whether of looks or character-are discussed in front of them, and if they can be made to cry, so much the better.

The shows that constitute humiliation TV have been classified by programmers and critics alike as reality-based television.

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