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Hart ability to bring out the best in actual members of the site not with a goal of making.Although the Huntsville Center for Colon and Digestive Disease does not market the procedure, Dr.Brasco has had patients come from as far as Georgia because they couldn't find anyone doing the procedure in their local areas. "Within the next couple years, more local physicians will be doing it," he says. I don't mean to give away my thunder, but this is not brain surgery." Dr. Because many of the patients currently undergoing fecal microbiota transplant are using it as a last resort, Dr.Joseph Brasco, MD, spent a year and a half convincing the board of directors of the Huntsville (Ala.) Center for Colon and Digestive Disease to allow him to perform fecal microbiota transplant in the center.The procedure, which involves transplanting a healthy fecal sample from a donor into the GI tract of a patient suffering from recurrent infections, is gaining popularity, but Dr.

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Brasco says his patients have always found a way to pay. "You have to laugh a little with this procedure." After the sample is collected, a nurse processes the stool.

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