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In Heaven there is no sin, no option to sin, and so, by Christianity’s own definition, no free will.(Some skeptics point out that “love me or I’ll torture you forever” doesn’t exactly create the conditions for genuine love either.It means there’s no room for improvement—for change and growth. The reality is that our bodies and brains are made for each other and optimized for life on this planet where our pleasures are linked to survival.Perfection is sterile, in every sense of the word.2. If everything is perfect, then many of the qualities we most value in ourselves and each other become irrelevant. To make matters more complicated, we are predators in a complex web of life.

As a psychologist, I don’t know what this means, because the brain and mind, our individuality and identity—our personhood—develop only via experience. Our desperate, goat-herding Iron Age ancestors may have yearned for the trappings of royalty.But if we run the numbers, it appears that God didn’t need the whole free will—sin—redemption thing to fill his paradise with perfect beings because no suffering, evil, or moral freedom is actually required as a prelude to glory.The ratio of adults to embryos has social implications as well.Compassion and generosity are pointless, because nobody is hurting or in need of anything. The eating that gives us so much sensory pleasure and sustenance simultaneously destroys other lives and creates waste.Christians disagree about whether there will be meals in Heaven.

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Why, they ask, would a god who wants love to be freely given threaten us with hell, even if it existed?

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