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In fact, data from DNA and RNA comparisons indicate that archaebacteria are so different that they should not even be classified with bacteria. The scalelike leaves of Arizona cypress are glaucous and very glandular (sticky).Systematists have devised a classification level higher than a kingdom, called a domain or "superkingdom," to accomodate the archaebacteria. The scalelike leaves of Tecate cypress are green and without dorsal resin glands.All the kingdoms of eukaryotes, including Protista (Protoctista), Fungi, Plantae and Animalia, are placed in the domain Eukarya. Each scalelike leaf bears a dorsal gland that exudes a resin droplet (red arrow). In fact, some botanists now consider the Piute cypress to be a subspecies of the Arizona cypress and have named it C. This species typically grows on outcrops of serpentine in the Coast Ranges of central and northern California.The large molecular differences between the majority of prokaryotes in the kingdom Monera and the archaebacteria warrants a separation based on categories above the level of kingdom. Division (Phylum) Proteobacteria: N-Fixing Bacteria Division (Phylum) Cyanobacteria: Blue-Green Bacteria Division (Phylum) Eubacteria: True Gram Posive Bacteria Division (Phylum) Spirochetes: Spiral Bacteria Division (Phylum) Chlamydiae: Intracellular Parasites 2. Interior cypress species such as this one typically have glaucous, resinous foliage, presumably an adaptation to dry, arid habitats. Foliage and pollen cones of the Smooth-bark Arizona cypress (Cupressus glabra) [Syn. Serpentine is a shiny rock with a waxy luster and feel.

Although many conservative references place the archaebacteria in a separate division within the kingdom Monera, most authorities now recognize them as a 6th kingdom--The kingdom Archaebacteria.Kevin Sullivan wrote: I am saddened to hear of the passing of Luna Vachon.Not only was she a fantastic performer, but I was lucky enough to consider her a dear friend and I will miss her greatly.In fact, some flattened protoctists discovered in the Ediacaran biota had characteristics resembling lichens. The seed has a hard coat surrounded by a fleshy outer layer (aril).[Lichens are organisms resulting from genetic mergers betweeen protists and fungi.] All the Ediacaran biota became extinct by about 530 million years ago and were replaced be shelled Cambrian animals. The drupelike seed often sits on a fleshy red or purple base or cone axis that is called an aril in some references.

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  1. The idea of radioactive decay and half lives, a type of absolute dating, is shown through an activity using M&M's candy and graph paper. Sequencing Time, University of California, Berkeley. This 5-12-grade activity lets students place parts of their own life story into a time line so that they can better understand how geologic time is reconstructed by scientists.