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While the meaning of populism is less clear, the fundamental concerns of the poor and working class are not.Canadians yearn for leaders who are pure of heart, not opportunists who use them as stepping stones to promote their warped ambitions.Instead of addressing those concerns by pointing out that immigrants actually create jobs and that most home-grown terrorists aren’t immigrants, she reinforced those fears. There is no doubt that Donald Trump’s supporters represent working-class discontent.It was a thinly disguised attempt to emulate the power-grab in the U. These formerly middle-class industrial workers have seen their incomes slip into the rank of the working poor.Calling Trump a populist leader is an insult to the genuine concerns of his base.There are regressive, reactionary leaders like Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines.In the past 12 months, the combined number of mentions rose to 1,310.And clearly the increase over the past year reflects a growth in both true populism and the appearance of populism.” However, its meaning has become less clear.

In Russia, dark-skinned people, especially blacks and people of African origin face a growing trend in race-based violence.Public historian David Finch says: “the definition of populism is at odds with the racist, narrow minded, reactionary point of view of the minority now claiming to represent the majority.” It used to mean something, such as grass-roots democracy or working class activism.Those movements are fundamental, not of the left or the right.The Reform Party was a grass-roots movement that was swallowed by the Conservative Party.The Co-operative Commonwealth Federation had agrarian roots before it evolved into the New Democratic Party.

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