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"Oh my god, oh my god, I'm cumming again." It was so hot watching them I just couldn't stop. No cock has ever made me feel the way you do," she moaned. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, yes, oh my god you feel so good, I'm sorry mom, oh god, yes, yes, yes." She screamed, "I'm so sorry mom, fuck me, fuck me, I'm cumming." Her whole body shuddered. Semen dripped out of her pussy and after he pulled out rope after rope of cum shot out all over Morgan's ass. That feels so good." As I watched him cum on her ass I saw his cock. Author's note: Thank you all for the emails, comments, favorites, and votes. She didn't She didn't have a job offer but she was interviewing and we were sure she'd find something soon. Almost the moment she went to college her father told me he was unhappy, had met someone else, and was moving out. I knew we didn't have the perfect marriage, but I didn't think it was much different than others.

"He came over to fuck me," she said matter of factly.

Finished cumming Ben stuck his semi hard monster back in his pants and started to zip up.

There she was, naked from the waist down, with cum on her ass.

As I was changing I was having trouble staying focused. I could picture the hot cum squirting on Morgan's ass. It had been years since I had sex and here was my daughter getting laid by a handsome man with a big cock. It occurred to me that Morgan had her pussy shaved. Cum shooting all over her from that magnificent cock.

This is about Morgan not about that good looking guy with that big thick cock.

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I bought this house after the divorce, so neither of the kids had lived here.

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