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Or, in short, what can you do with a bunch of new smartphone users? All you need is a little intelligent thinking and some great words to trap those who are ignorant with new technology.Gone are the days where a virus was meant to steal your data.Well, that dear friend was also fooled into the same scam and hence you got the message from him.Clicking on the message will take you to a webpage ( which stated that your device supports ‘ultra-light’ Wi-fi technology and you can get free internet from the technology after you invite 15 friends for it.

Clicking on each advertisement and page earns the hacker gain money from ad companies.

Taking Facebook’s Free Basics planning into consideration, hackers are milking on the issue.

You must know that Free Basics has been banned (for now) in India as net neutrality is a strong debate that is still a big controversy.

Today, your private data may be important, but getting past the encryption of modern operating systems and software is difficult, but not impossible.

And after hours of planning and developing codes that can break through your smartphone’s security, the hacker just gets some junk photos and useless phone numbers that probably won’t fetch him much in the black market. Simple—he makes you click on advertisements, make you make your friends click on advertisements, makes them do the same too and in return, earns big money from the ads themselves.

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