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The social worker arrives to meet Ashley and Stacy, however, Stacy becomes angry when she feels that she thinks Stacy is a bad mother.Ashley leaves for school and meets Chico again at the bus stop. At school, Ashley goes to her appointment with Vincent who decides to try a new approach, but Ashley is reminded of her dad who had died years before and she begins to cry.

Things become worse when one member becomes aggressive and is dragged away by hospital attendants.

Ashley Collins (Nicole Fox) a 17-year-old high school student is sitting smoking in a park playing with her gold lighter, then she deliberately burns her hand using the lit cigarette.

Later she has an appointment with the school therapist Vincent (Tom Malloy) who sees the burn and questions how it happened but she refuses to talk.

Arriving home, she meets Stacy’s new boyfriend Bill (Michael Madsen) and instantly does not like him.

After an awkward meal, she retreats to her room and proceeds to play loud music to distract her from the sexual sounds coming from her mother’s room.

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During class she begins to fantasize about kissing the Red Headed Girl (Mallory Moye) who is sitting in the front row.

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