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Notes on some species of Acampe (Orchidaceae) by Gunnar Seidenfaden Ichthyotoxic Plants and the Term "Barbasco" by Dorothy Kamen-Kaye 49 71 Number 3 (April 30, 1977) Albert Frederick Hill (1889-1977) and Economic Botany by Richard Evans Schultes De Plantis Toxicariis e Mundo Novo Tropicale Commentationes XV. Barghoorn 1 Number 2 (January 25, 1977) Thalia Maravara and the Rigid Air-Blossom. Because of the persistence of lignin in anoxic sedimentary settings, albeit in somewhat altered molecular form, phenolic aldehydes generated from organic-rich sediments may be potentially use- ful as geochemical indicators of the contributing source mate- rial (Leo and Barghoorn, 1970; Gardner and Menzel, 1974; Hedges, 1974). Unlike the polysaccharide polymers, lignin is hydrophobic. fishweir deposit 1 Fossil Taxodiaceae 2,3 Model of mineralization of wood with silica 7 Scanning electron micrographs of Sequoia sempervirens 5 Silica replicated of Sequoia sempervirens (figs. 289 I vi INDEX OF ILLUSTRATIONS PLATE Acampe praemorsa (Thalia Maravara) 8 Acampe rigida (The Rigid Air-Blossom) 9,10,1 1,12 Algal mat, silicified from Persian Gulf 3 Anadenanthera peregrina, pods and beans of 62 Barbasco, Kamarata fishing with 13 Brugmansia vulcanicola 21,22,23 Brunfelsia americana 68 Brunfelsia grandiflora 65,66 Brunfelsia Mire 67 Brunfelsia uniflora 64 Caesalpinia sepiaria 25 Calatola columbiana 20 Cannabis Plant near India-Tibet border 41 Sun-dried plants 42 A shop which sells bhang balls 43 Mountain man chewing and smoking bhang 44 Corn cobs From level 5 45 Leaf and tassels from level 4 48,49,50 Stalks and roots from level 3 46,47 Desfontainia spinosa 15,16 Eriopsis sceptrum 18 Gordonia lasianthus, scanning electron micrographs of wood of 4,5,6 Hevea Map of range and natural distribution 53,54 Pistillate flowers of nine known species 52 Hevea macrophylla 51 Hill, Albert Frederick, photograph of 14 Hyoscyamus niger 24 Manaca root, first description and illustration of 63 Map of area inhabitated by Witotos, Boras and Muinanes 55 Nealchornea japurensis 19 Peucedanum japonica 26 [vii] Phytolacca acinosa 27 Quararibea funebris Flowers 28,31,38 Tree 29 Distribution map 30 Drying of the flowers 32 Marketing of beverage "tejate" 33 Preparation of ' 'tejate' * 34,35,36 Bowl of fresh "tejate" 37 Old reproduction of plant 39 Fruits and seeds 40 Trichocline reptans 17 Virola paste, preparation of 56,57,58,59,60 Wood Fossil oak from Boston, Mass. Together, in both kinds of wood, they constitute roughly half of the total dry wood weight. All other wood components collectively average generally less than 5 per cent. Tsuga canadensis 2 The molecules of wood cellulose are roughly a thousand times heavier than those of hemicellulose.

Upon mild oxidative degradation, lignins yield substantial amounts of phenolic aldehydes.

It is hoped these thoughts will serve as a stimulus for further dis- cussion and study of the problem by others with an interest in wood silicification.

It would be desirable to understand further the actual nature of the chemical interaction of silicia in solu- tion with wood components and their derivatives, not just for the petrifaction problem alone, but for the role plant-derived organic matter has in many geologic and soil processes of both academic and economic interest. An Introduction to the Bl OGEOCHEMISTRY OF FOSSIL WOOD Wood Composition The principal chemical components of wood are cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin.

BOTANICAL MUSEUM LEAFLETS HARVARD UNIVERSITY BOTANICAL MUSEUM LEAFLETS HARVARD UNIVERSITY VOLUME XXV BOTANICAL MUSEUM CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS 1976-1977 DATES OF PUBLICATION - VOLUME 25 No. Ilookcri 99,102 139 empoissoneur 3 10 ENTADA pohphxlla 1 15 ERIOPSIS sceptrum 1 1 I ERYTHROXYLON Coca 117 Eugene Psilocvbe EUPHORBIA Platyphylla 73 fang-feng 173 fang-k'uei 168 fish-fuddle tree 72 fish-poison plants 71 fish poisons 71,118 southeastern United States 83 western North America 84 flor de cacao 184 franc iscein 294 fungus tan-capped panther 131 GALERINA 14? Barghoorn This work represents an effort to contribute toward an understanding of the long standing enigma of how wood be- comes petrified with silica.

s 122 curare plant 1 12 curare plant, Barasana 113,114 curry 206 DATURA alba 171 vulcanicola 154 DESFONTAINIA spinosa 99,102 var.

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Vanillin is the dominant aldehyde formed from softwoods.

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