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Seeing that I had m2e 1.1 already installed I tried Marco's steps to no avail. I couldn't get mvn eclipse:clean etc to work with Kepler. I had just added some components for Java 1.8 support. So, if there is no reason to avoid the upgrade just add the luna repository to avalilable software sites (Luna ) and "check for updates".

However I changed creating and extending variables to just using external jars in my eclipse classpath. It seems that they where not as compatible as I would like or that I mixed the wrong ones. Trying to update the system reported errors as they couldn't fulfill some dependencies. It is better to have all the components with the same version and there are some nice new features.

I tried all the steps mentioned here and on similar questions but couldn't solve this problem.

I do not have any Maven Plugin installed on it but still does it.This worked for me: Go to to your workspace instalation, and manually delete the target directory under your maven projects (dont worry , maven will create another one when compiling).This removed my stuck Eclipse state (thread) in "Revert sources", always at 0%.Once I deleted those target files from SVN this issue never happened.But JBA's answer is pretty comprehensive so I will mark that as a right answer.

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To resolve in this scenario: Un-instrument the project folders you wish to update.

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