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She tossed them down in disgust, moving to the avocados. It was heavy and the soft outer rind was pitted and wrinkled, just like those big black balls. This unwanted image had lodged in her brain and she seemed unable to think of anything else. When this was done, she opened the pictures up and looked at them in a larger, more detailed format. As her head was flooded with the image of the huge, black cock from the picture, she flooded her hand with her cum.She repeated this three more times in about five minutes. She imagined sucking it, licking it, stroking it, rubbing it against her arms, breasts, chest. She had never fantasized about a black man before and the effect it had on her took her by surprise.The next day she had some cleaning to do before the house keeper came to deep clean the house.In the morning, right after she dropped the twins off at school, she masturbated to the pictures five times (a new personal record for Katy).Usually once per day, sometimes twice on Saturday and Sunday. He seemed to lose interest in her after the kids were born.The lack of sex in their marriage wasn't due to her sex drive waning, it was his sex drive that became non-existent. Her sexual frustration was something she thought about every day. Sometimes she would get on top, but no oral, certainly no anal, or anything out of the ordinary.

She had a body that could easily model nude for a men's magazine. She wore clothes that she could easily attend a church meeting in, or volunteer at a homeless shelter.The name tag could be seen on the edge of the screen. Being a red head, she was used to men cat-calling her and black men were among the worst. She found the pictures of the black penis to be mesmerizing. " She was all but drooling on herself as she looked at the penis pictures.She took a deep breath and ignored the strong instinct to delete the photos and never again have to deal with them, she instead saved them to her photos and continued shopping. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get the image of the black penis out of her head. They looked tiny and pathetic when she realized she was comparing them to the mental image of that big black thing. She continued shopping as if on auto pilot, but couldn't shake the images: eggplant? Even leaving the produce section, she saw it in every bottle of ketchup or shampoo. She grabbed her laptop, removed her jeans, and transferred the pictures of the black penis onto her computer. She ran her fingers across the screen hoping to somehow feel the black skin from her computer. She was becoming wet, and rubbed herself just a few times before she came.If this content does not interest you, or offends you, please find a story more to your liking.***** Katy Meyer just dropped her two, ten-year-old twins off at school.

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She had to get to the grocery store for dog food and some vegetables for dinner, then she needed to pick up a part for the vacuum cleaner, and meet with the Sunday school teacher at her church about snacks for the children on Sundays. She stopped by the flowers, but decided not to buy any this time... She put the phone back in her purse and waited for the better text photo. The penis looked enormous, but she had trouble sensing the scale of the thing. Her kids were much too young to know anyone like this, and she didn't know any black people at all. THAT'S FOR MY GF- Katy was instantly relieved and even smiled at having solved the mystery so soon after the mishap.

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