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But I help pastor a church full of young men and women which means that on an average I talk to at least one person a week about the subject of dating. Also my wife would be really mad if I were still doing that.Christians have a responsibility to care for each others hearts. You can’t plan to marry someone you don’t really know yet.It’s important not to mislead others or misrepresent your intentions. You can’t plan to marry someone you don’t really appreciate or understand.After all this is, understandably, a major concern for young adults.

Dating, courtship, arranged marriages, drawing names out of a hat, the method is somewhat up to us.

These couples should be having fun, growing together, and building each other up.

They should not be discussing marriage right away, and planning for their future.

Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of things about modern dating that I think Christians must avoid.

Christians must absolutely strive to guard one another’s bodies and hearts in a relationship.

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Since they aren’t married they shouldn’t be acting like they are married.

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