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This rifle has helped me rediscover what it means to hunt.

While hard, long and flat rounds like the .30-06 and .308 still appear to dominate the North American hunting rifle scene, I must admit these cartridges are really not the best choices for someone who’s never stalked whitetails before — or, heaven forbid, never shot a gun.

Neither are really necessary and are, in fact, crutches for poor skills and gun magazine fodder, in that order.

I hunt in the high western mountains and will tell you that this Marlin rifle, with the proper quality .35Rem ammunition (say, Buffalo Bore, or Hornady), with a good quality 2-7X power scope, will protect you against predators and harvest anything you need to out to 200 yards in North America. With advances now in ammunition, it is easily the most versatile and effective close cover hunting rifle ever made.

According to her, it was the only rifle she was ever comfortable with and she killed many deer with it.

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So what’s a fledgling deer hunter to look for in a starter rifle?

A caliber that’s proven itself capable, a reputation for at least ‘minute of deer’ accuracy (combined with ample time behind the trigger), and manageable recoil that won’t send a rookie running back to the cabin with a sore shoulder.

All it takes is a random sample of local hunters anywhere to realize that this over 100-year old round still remains one of the most loved deer calibers in the woods.

While not a long range affair (past 200 yards and you start getting into artist territory) it will bring down mobile venison (and anything smaller) at your standard distances.

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