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As tweens and young teens, it’s important for girls and boys to learn how to interact in positive and healthy ways.Co-ed activities, even “group dates” are great, as long as there is a safety net of supervision.If you feel better letting them hang out in groups, or group date, just make sure there is an adult (a responsible adult that is not afraid to be the adult) supervising and keeping the herd in-bounds.The adult doesn’t need to hover, but random drop ins and walk throughs will keep the herd mentality from taking over.You have probably come across an advertisement at one point, or even looked into it. Read More » Do you want to travel the world, yet you’re stuck in your bedroom, avoiding your parents, stressing about school, friends, boys, and just life in general?Well, now there’s a pretty amazing virtual world that…

They walk into the theater front door, and before the movie starts, they’ve exited the side door into the alley behind the theater. The dare is made in front of peers, so most self-respecting, testosterone filled boys will feel obligated to meet the challenge.Read More » A game about invention, creativity, and community, Manyland gives you the chance to manufacture your own adventure and join in with others.This entire world, everything you see, is the work of other players and…Pick any avatar chat game from here, marked Social Worlds, or try them all. If you’re looking only for games that you don’t need to download, check out No Download Virtual Worlds.Club Cooee is a unique, free online community game where you can create an avatar, build an online home, socialize with other members’ avatars in real time and much more. Read More » Our World is a virtual world full of gaming lounges where you can walk around making remarks on other people’s outfits or create new friends.

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  1. Your poor attempt at Godwinning the thread notwithstanding, you do realize that Grindr is an "at-will" application, yes? Great story, it's appalling that (as it says in the Pastebin link) Grindr communicates with the app with no authentication.