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Over the last 15 years, archaeologists and researchers have mapped exposed remains, examined the buried remains of the ship using remote-sensing instruments, and removed and preserved thousands of individual artifacts.The ship has to be studied, recorded, photographs, and artifacts rescued by trained underwater archaeologists, who are dealing with an area 90 x 200 feet, some of which is submerged in the seabed.The majority of the artifacts are either English or French, which would be expected of a French vessel commandeered by English pirates. No object that has been found can identify the is believed to be part of a fleet which sacked Rio de Janeiro in 1711.In Early 1718, Blackbeard captured a Spanish sloop off the coast of Cuba. Pewter flatware is also not stamped with the ship’s name or initials, which was a common practice.From the tremendous amount of data, the archaeologists can tell a lot about what the ship held and what life was like on board.So far, 21 cannon (with at least six more still on the wreck), navigational instruments, small arms, lead shot, grenades, the ship’s bell, a grapple hook, medical instruments, barrel loops and bottles, and gold coins and dust have been among the 16 000 artifacts extracted from the wreck.When I was at university I did a research paper on the , exploring the possibility of using the archaeological record to determine the identification of a vessal used for pirarcy.

According to contemporary sources, langrage was never used on royal ships – only by privateers or pirates.

“Weigh anchor, hoist the sails Cruisin’ for booty on watery trails No exploiter we see can still sail on Our cannons fire till his ship goes down Coming through the waves to free all the captives Boarding the vessels we know all the tactics We’re the menace, the curse of the sea We pulverize the men’o’war pay or flee Fly our flag, we teach them fear Capture them, the end is near Firing guns they shell burn Surrender or fight there’s no return Under Jolly Roger! You probably know who Blackbeard was, so I won’t go into too much detail, suffice to say he was one of the most notorious pirates operating off North America and in the Caribbean in the early-eighteenth century – the Golden Age of Piracy.

Scholars know very little about his early life, except that his name was possibly Edward Teach and he was a privateer in Queen Anne’s War (1701-1714) and turned to piracy after that.

Archaeologists haven’t found a huge stash of plunder abroad (or, if they have, they’re holding out on us), but they have found coins of multiple nationalities and over 2000 flakes of gold dust.

Contemporary records suggest the ship may have held vast quantities of gold dusk before she was sunk.

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