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Note: The contents of the opinion file is shown in the column titled "File Contains".The opinion file may contain the majority opinion, concurring opinions, dissenting opinions, and orders such as an order to publish. Slip opinions are the opinions that are filed on the day that the appellate court issues its decision and are often not the court's final opinion.United States Reports are printed and bound and are the final version of court opinions and cannot be changed.Opinions of the court in each case, prepended with a headnote prepared by the Reporter of Decisions, and any concurring or dissenting opinions are published sequentially.Also, an electronic version (intended to mirror the language found in the official reports) of the official opinion can be found, free of charge, on the Washington State Judicial Opinions Website.For more information about the free website, see the Overview of the Free-Access Website for Washington State Appellate Court Opinions.Unpublished Opinions Under RCW 2.06.040, Court of Appeals unpublished opinions lack precedential value; under GR 14.1, they may not be cited as binding authority.

Alexander Dallas, a lawyer and journalist, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, had been in the business of reporting these cases for newspapers and periodicals.

Slip opinions can be changed by subsequent court orders.

Additionally, nonsubstantive edits (for style, grammar, citation, format, punctuation, etc.) are made before the opinions that have precedential value are published in the official reports of court decisions: the Washington Reports 2d and the Washington Appellate Reports.

He subsequently began compiling his case reports in a bound volume, which he called Reports of cases ruled and adjudged in the courts of Pennsylvania, before and since the Revolution.

This would come to be known as the first volume of Dallas Reports.

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