Coping with dating a widower

One 44-year-old member learned to ski for the first time and has now become a skiing instructor – taking groups of WAY members to the slopes every New Year; another started running marathons at the age of 40 and raised funds for WAY in the 2012 London Marathon (read her story); other members have done things they would never have dreamed of in memory of their partner – like skydiving or wing walking; and many members have found happiness again with a new partner.No two people are the same when it comes to grieving – but it can be really helpful to talk to other WAY members to share some of the ups and downs you are going through.But grief is like an insolent child - it WILL have its way, bar nothing.Thus, the giddy emotions of new love eventually collide with the insolence of grief when grief plays "catch up" and forces the survivor to get back on the road to recovery.

Eventually, you might find yourself starting to look forward rather than dwelling on the past.

Whether logging onto the closed Facebook page or meeting up with local member, just to know that you are not alone in some of the emotional and practical challenges you may be facing is really reassuring.

The 5 stages of grief are necessary to complete before a survivor learns how to manage it and can thus be considered recovered.

His moods change, and he often breaks off the relationship without warning and without explanation.

During this time, Ws often battle guilt, depression, and anger all at once.

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