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Though the two got their co-habitating on, their relationship ultimately came to an end. , Alice Walker made a name for herself in a slightly different way.

While this lovely lady is currently back on the market, we have no doubt that she will find one hell of a mate of any persuasion she chooses. She, along with her husband Melvyn Rosenman, a Jewish civil rights attorney, would become the first interracial couple to be legally married in the state of Mississippi.

Throughout the next decade Rock would go on to win multiple Emmy and Grammy awards, star in countless commercial films, and even host The Oscars. Cause sometimes I’m with my white friends, and a Dr. Now, the people in the audience who have careers need to shut the fuck up, because the people with jobs don’t wanna hear your career bullshit. In fact, dropping out in the 2nd grade would make your more qualified because you have 8 years of work experience. I have been blessed with a career though, and if you have a job, I hope you get a career one day, cause when you’ve got a career, there ain’t enough time in the day. You wanna know what really means you have a bad job? There’s nothing worse to a grown person than a half hour lunch break. Cause we have to spend money on things that used to be free. We got ass water that’s why.[Rubs microphone on his ass]You know why they call it tap water? That’s right women, no man will turn you down because of financial reasons. Next time you don’t have cash ask if they take pussy. Throughout this performance, Rock takes it upon himself to answer questions about society that many people did not realize they were searching for.

Speaking of words, they’re trying to get rid of the word “nigga”. Shit, last year the NAACP had a funeral for the word “nigga”. Now, the question that always comes up is “Can white people say the word “nigga”. You’ve gotta talk to your nigga representative, and they will tell you the nigga rules for that place and time. King and Nelson Mandela’s dreams are coming alive and black people and white people and Asians and Indians are all coming together, its unbelievable what’s going on. Dre song comes on, and there’s a lot of “niggas” in a Dr. And they wanna enjoy it, but they can’t really enjoy it around me. The question remains the same: Can white people say “nigga”? There are some exceptions, like The question remains the same: Can white people say “nigga”? There’s one exception though, one instance where white people can say the “n world”, and I’m gonna lay that out right here tonight. Don’t let your happiness make someone else sad, cause that’s what it does. You look at your watch and realize its , and you’ve got to come in early tomorrow to finish up a project. Why don’t you just give me a little spoon with some applesauce on it? By the time you put your jacket on, go around the corner to the little sandwich place, order it, wait for them to make it, then pay for it, 28 minutes have gone by, so you’re runnin back to work, trying to eat your sandwich, spillin it everywhere, and when you get back your boss has the nerves to say that you’re 8 minutes late. You realize criminals in jail have at least an hour lunch break? I bet if I shot you in the face I could finish this sandwich. Questions like “When is it ok for a white person to say the n-word? ” are answered in humorous, but eerily truthful ways.

So it might come as a surprise that during one of the most racially tumultuous eras in American history Angelou married aspiring Greek musician Tosh Angelos in 1951.

Though the marriage ended in 1954, the couple did give birth to Angelou’s only child, son Guy Johnson.

For a few years Rock worked minimum wage jobs at various fast food restaurants, but it was in 1984 where he began to chase his dream, and he began performing stand up in a chain of New York comedy clubs called “Catch a Rising Star”. Every week they fuck the pool guy, or the gardener, and he can fuck real good too, but that’s cause he don’t have a full time job. Men cannot go backwards sexually, they can’t do it.Fayes Vision/The absolutely timeless Alfre Woodard has dazzled us on the big screen for decades.And while Woodard’s many accolades (including Golden Globes, Emmy Awards and several Academy Award nominations) have made her one of the most recognizable black actresses in Hollywood, one of the lesser known facts about this talented woman is her nearly 30 year marriage to screenwriting instructor Roderick Spencer.Eve E had no qualms about getting her swirl on with mogul and race-car driver Maximillion Cooper.The couple, who met in London in 2010, have been going strong for nearly three years, despite a little hateration here and there.

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Mozart, the most famous composer of all time, started writing music when he was 6, it was not until the age of 21 that he began composing his most famous pieces, roughly ten thousand hours of playing the piano.

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