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Keyonnah was benefitting from their trust in Dee, which was clearly misplaced.

Dee has a Facebook page on which she asks people to not hate her.

The real Bow Wow, who is a co-host on BET’s episode on his show. It’s dope and it’s fly when someone wants to be you,” he said.

(BET) On last night's Catfish, a 19-year-old woman named Keyonnah was duped into thinking she was in a relationship with Bow Wow.They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, and Bow Wow was certainly flattered by this week's episode of "Catfish."The Young Money rapper found himself the subject of on online dating scheme featured on the MTV series, in which 19-year-old Keyonnah believed that she was involved in an Internet relationship with him.According to the teen, she sent Bow Wow a message via his Facebook fan page and received a response.While the show is still in the early stages, Bow Wow said that if it gets on the air, he wants frequent collaborator Jermaine Dupri to work on the music for the show. Read Full Story Bow Wow showed his love for Justin Bieber outside the Nokia Theatre at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.Bow Wow, who recently broke out his comedy chops in Lottery Ticket, greeted fans and signed autographs as he stood outside.

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