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This details the gripping drama of the clemency hearings during the countdown to Ryan's decision. Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, two Italian immigrants to America were executed after they were convicted of killing two people during a robbery in South Braintree. DVD 6909 A biography of the civil rights lawyer, Arthur Kinoy, from his attempt to stay the executions of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, through the civil rights movement, to the unanimous Supreme Court decision on wiretapping. With access to the entire prison, the filmmaker captured the stories of corrections officers as well as the inmates, including drug lords, "lifers," with no possibliity of parole, and prisoners convicted of leading prison riots. And while he waited, the tormented families of his two victims--both brutally murdered in premeditated convenience store robberies--impatiently awaited his death in June 1998. It was filmed at the Potosi Correctional Centre, Mineral Point, Missouri, and it includes a discussion of the execution of Tiny Mercer in 1989. Video/C 3502 Documentary film which follows the lives of 6 men imprisoned in Angola, Louisiana State Penitentiary.

Documented as the events unfolded, this is a compelling look inside America's prisons, highlighting one man's unlikely and historic actions against the system. Their controversial trial became a political firestorm fueled by anti-immigration and "Red Scare" hysteria that gripped post-World War I America. As one man turns to religion, another battles cancer, and another faces lethal injection, each prisoner learns to grasp what spiritual redemption he can. Video/C 6147 Interviews in a Michigan prison with women imprisoned for murdering abusive men in self-defense. DVD X3433; vhs Video/C 8490 Shanae was ten when she was gang-raped; she responded by drinking and drugging, and by age 12 had graduated to murder.

(45 min.) A program designed to educate and inform the University community and the general public about the past, present and future of affirmative action policy and its impact on the University of California, Berkeley. Looks at several different affirmative action programs including the Univ. Includes archival footage and features interviews with a wide array of academic scholars. A distinguished panel of experts discuss this issue. Ogletree; panelists: Ward Connerly, Angela Walker, Ruth J. Weaving music, poetry and speakers at the conference, this video highlights the growing outlines the growth of the prison industrial complex, the privatization of corrections and the social trade-offs being made to support it. Commentary: Angela Davis, Mike Davis, Ruthie Gilmore, Jose Lopez, Ramona Africa, Vince Shiraldi, Bruce Franklin, David Muhammad, Asha Bandele, Bernardine Dohrn, Luana Ross, Christian Parenti, Reese Erlich. Video/C 5821 On May 3, 1995, Alabama resurrected the chain gang; on Sept.

Concludes with a diverse group of 23 students from 6 major American universities who spent 3 days together to collectively challenge one another with dialogue focusing on such topics as the concept of individual responsibility, feeling separated from each other, wanting others to understand and what can be done to move awareness to action. Includes drama students enacting plays about racial conflicts and intolerance on campus. Video/C 6790 Documentary explores issues of faculty diversity in American higher education in the mid-1990s, focusing on the professional and personal experiences of eight minority scholars in the humanities and social sciences at various institutions. In part 1, students from 3 major universities are interviewed alone on topics including the climate toward talking about race on campus, self separation of ethnic groups, discrimination, affirmative action policies and individual responsibility for change. Deena Gonzalez, Chair of the Graduate Assembly, delivers an address on the disproportionate low number of minority students enrolled at the University of California.

Video/C 1409 Contents: The impact of affirmative action on the University of California, Berkeley (105 min.) -- Affirmative action: Where do we go from here? 1-2 Explores the historical roots of affimative action and the current debate over its usefulness. Army, federal aid to minority businesses, and affirmative action in the Chicago Police Dept. Video/C 4999 All sides in the affirmative action debate say that they believe in the Constitutional right to equality regarding race, creed and sex, but they bring very different interpretations to what that means. Lewis, Antonia Hernandez, Suzan Shown Harjo, Diane Chin, Robert L. Boris asks himself whether he should try to go insane. The film focuses on the gripping story of seven men and their emotional journey back into society and efforts to rebuild their lives. They include the born-again Christian woman who adopted Aileen while she was on trial and then sold Aileen's story, the lawyer who convinced Aileen to plead no contest, and Aileen's lesbian lover who got her to confess. The first film, Visions of Freedom (32 min.), shows highlights from the Critical Resistance Conference held in Berkeley, California in 1998.Based in part on Crime and Punishment in American History / by Lawrence Friedman (Main Stack KF9223. In prison he has continued to work for social justice calling early attention to the AIDS epidemic and working as an advocate for the rights of prisoners. DVD 6896; vhs Video/C 9867 Video highlights recurring police violence against people of color in the context of the killing of Amadou Diallo, an unarmed Black man who was shot forty-one times in the vestibule of his apartment by four members of the New York City Street Crimes Unit. 25, 2000, a jury acquitted these officers of all charges.Based on an interview by Sam Green and Bill Siegel. Protests erupted and confrontations between the police and demonstrators ensued. DVD 3263 What would you do if you discovered that 13 people slated for execution had been found innocent?Was Delbert, an uneducated hermit with a low IQ, an innocent victim of police abuse? DVD X160 Examines opinions on capital punishment as a possible deterrent to crime through interviews with executioners, a former death row inmate, Edward Koch, mayor of New York City and Hans Zeisel, professor of law at the University of Chicago. Video/C 5777 Focuses on the life of Charisse Shumate, who became the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit against the abominable health care conditions that women in California's prisons face. DVD 8457 This seminar was made up of judges, lawyers, prosecutors, law enforcement officials, majors, and journalists who engaged in a dialogue exploring the trade-offs of a society trying to control crime yet preserve individual freedoms. Features visits to the corporate headquarters of leading correctional corporations, prison trade shows, and testimony from leading experts and ordinary people, presenting diverse views of this new American "growth industry." 2001. Video/C 9671 Brings a historical perspective to the problems of escalating crime and the public's fear of it, by exploring the evolution of crime and criminal penalties in American society.Was it a mercy killing--or was there another motive? Includes prison interviews, materials from State Senate hearings on conditions for women in the California State Prison System, and historical video footage of Charisse and her family. Tells how the regulation of gambing, drugs and pornography are rooted in colonial America. Video/C MM979 Examines the realities faced by transgender women in mens' prisons. DVD 6528 An interview with David Gilbert, who is among the longest held anti-imperialist political prisoners in the world.

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