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The first is a group pic (see above) where the blatant self-love is masked by an army of friends.

The Group Pic-er should be commended for her dedication to friendship and lack of narcissism in comparison to her cropped, solo-shot peers.

By the time March rolls around, she might swap to a Christmas pic featuring her in leggings, a Santa hat, festive glitter and an ugly sweater. The Loner Laugher: The is the holy grail of profile pictures: caught mid-LOL while in a conveniently great outfit with an even better background.

She is the human equivalent of the house next door to your parents because she refuses to respect proper calendar etiquette, but her end goal is looking awesome — not keeping her following informed of the date. It is technically a candid, though many argue that 9 times out of 10, the LL knew the photo was being taken and interrupted her own pose mid-laugh.

The Young Professional: A click through The Traveler’s profile pictures is like flipping through National Geographic and realizing your friend is the silhouetted image in every single shot.

She’s great at the humble brag for this very reason: instead of posing front and center at Every Worldly Monument Ever, the traveler remains inconspicuous enough that you can’t really knock her for doing a tree-pose in every single shot, nor can you see that she hasn’t showered in You know them.

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You can choose any image for your gamerpic (as long as you follow the Xbox Live code of conduct).

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